Thursday, November 10, 2016

UTI - Go Away!!!

We have had too much fun recently with a number of people staying with us. This past weekend we had very special friends from the UK fly in.  Sam managed to understand their gorgeous Scottish accents and it was lovely to see him instantly fall in love with John and Kathy, who have been a very special part of our lives for over 20 years.  They have literally travelled the world to see us, having holidayed with us when we lived in Thailand - the girls were 3 & 5 when they last saw them 10 years ago.  So Sam had never met them in person, but he had talked and skyped with them many times, so it felt like he was meeting old friends.

Sam was very sad on Tuesday when he woke and they weren't here, but they will be back after discovering the beauty of the South Island.  Once Sam gets an idea in his head.. it sticks, really solidly!  So we have a daily countdown for their return!

2 weeks ago Sam went to bed very happy, then woke up about 2 hours later bent over in pain and screaming in pain, with his urine looking like custard. Poor wee boy, the infections come on quick and violently.  He had a grizzly weekend, but once the meds kicked it it seemed to clear.  3 days later Starship decided to change the meds as Sams urine sample showed it could respond to a different drug.  2 days into the new drug and Sam is miserable again - hourly waking in pain through the night etc.  So a quick switch back to the other drug and 2 days later (still showing no signs of improvement) we increase the dose from 1.5 mls - 3.5 mls four times a day.  Sam has been at school this week, but last week he missed 3 days: 2 days due to hospital appointments and 1 day due to uti/pain/miserable. 

So I am a little anxious as I keep an eye on his urine - it is still cloudy - not getting worse, but not clearing ..... I think if it is still cloudy in 48 hours it will be back in to Starship.  If this drug doesn't work, he will need an IV medicine, but he doesn't have IV access anymore.  So the teams will have to toss up whether he gets another PICC or a port (under chest skin IV thing), or just a simple line in a vein.  Oh I am really hoping and praying that his little body gets strong enough to fight this bug and he can stay home and be well and happy.  I will keep you posted!


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