Monday, December 5, 2016

20 more sleeps!

Yes Sam is very excited about Christmas coming and is on the countdown.  Tomorrow is his prize giving and concert - unless they are now handing out prizes for the lowest school attendance, I am thinking Sam will just be taking part in the Kapahaka item and his class item.  Which will definitely be cute, which is a given when you have 60 six and seven year olds on stage.  It will be a celebration for sure - he has done so well with a tough year on many fronts.

The last 2 weeks have been very interesting and I should have blogged at the time, but was trying frantically to keep the girls happy by making sure all the usual festive family traditions were adhered to - oh the pressure!  But traditions are very important to keep family stable and secure and it has been fun doing our usual things. Below is our advent calendar - every year I surprise them with what it will be like.... this year it was a pallet I found off the side of the road and a quick look on Pinterest to steal the ideas for the rest.  The kids love taking their turn to open the envelope and read what the task/bible reading/poem/treat is - Sam can't read all that is written, but he tries!

10 days ago Sam went to bed seemingly ok - albeit still with a chesty cough and on antibiotics for that.  He woke up with quite a different surprising scenario - he likes to keep me on my toes!  Part of his 'manliness' was swollen to the size of a large golfball.  It wasn't causing him any pain and he was keen to go to school, so I did what I usually do when odd things happen, I took a photo and sent it to my fabulous Nurse Specialist at Starship.  I am sure her computer has a different set of virus checkers, as the photos I send would never get through otherwise!.  Sam was happy that his 'tentacle' was ok and we had a chat on the way to school about how we don't talk about things on our body covered by clothes... but he could talk about his toes and fingers etc.   Well about 10:30 I get a call from the Nurse Specialist (who no doubt was delighted by her inbox offering) and told I needed to get him in to hospital ASAP and a surgeon would take a look and he could potentially need surgery that afternoon.  So, feeling like a failure of a mother for sending my son to school with something potentially quite sinister, I complied and got him in to hospital.  After an ultrasound and various inspections, it was agreed he didn't have anything major going on, but that he has a Hydrocoele - basically fluid from his bowel is leaking into his 'tentacle'.  We sat and sat and waited and after many times pleading my case to escape, we were allowed home after 6 hours and a non-urgent surgical slot would be allocated and we would be notified in due course.  He has been home and happy and it hasn't happened again thankfully.

Now that Sam has a port in his chest, he can go swimming, as risk of infection in his central line is virtually nil, as it is all under his skin.  The girls are slightly grossed out by his surgical implant, as it looks like the start of one of the scary looking people in the Ripley Believe it or Not books, who have had horns surgically put it and covered in tats - I have assured the girls this isn't the start of a slippery slope and he will only be having medical implants and not implants for vanity sake!

So I leave you with a photo of his first day getting in the pool!

Thankfully Ange and the teachers ignored his protests and the other students encouraged him to get in.  The sensation of water and splashing is very foreign to Sam, so I am going to start showering him, so he can get used to it.  He came home with 'Brian the Kiwi' for the night as reward for his bravery!

Now that summer is well and truly here, we will be heading to the beach at every opportunity so he can be in the waves - I am wondering if it is too big a dream to have him surfing by the end of summer??

Yesterday he helped clean his Dads car - when he gets home this afternoon we are going to wash Ange's car and then mine.... all good water play options (& just learning to be useful!) and we both need our cars washed!

I will endeavour to post pics of his prize giving concert tomorrow.  I hope you are all enjoying the joy of the season.
X Shirl

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The Doughertys said...

Call it what you like but Lionel the Liberty and Nigel the Nissan are keen for a wash anytime soon :). Well done champ on getting wet and wild!! You rock our world Sammy D. Love you fellas heaps and heaps. xx