Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A pre-Christmas hospital dash

Today started so well and was all planned out.  We had 4 lots of friends that we were goinf to see - 'or ing coffee and catch up with one family, followed by lunch with Sams carer and family, then headingover to the city to see other friends. All seemed well until I gave Sam his first bolus of the day. His tummy seemed rounder than normal
And he was sore.  His ilieostomy bag hardly had any outputs in it. I kept an eye on him and noticed he was restless. After lunch I decided as he hadnt improved we would pop into Starship on the way to seeing our friends.

How dumb am I?! - one doesnt just "pop into hospital'. Aftter 7. Hours we are still in the emergency dept, but he has been Admitted with either a bowel Obstruxtion or severre constipation - 2which is weird as he is on a liquid diet.

In himself he is very happy and has no other issues. His lovely sisters sat in their various favourite hospital spots for about 4 hours and read and ate, but they have now been rescued by a dear friend who will house and feed them for the  night..

As the girls left they gave Sam kisses and instructions- 'Get outw before Chrsitmas!'.
This blog has been written in a poorly lit room at 11 pm, on a phone on dim (as battery about to die). I havemt got my reading glasses with me, so it hasnt been checked that well and my thumbs are way too fat foe the keys on this iphone,  so grace required when reading/translating this!

Surgical are taking Sam in and I am hoping and praying their skills wont be required to resolve this.

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