Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Sam had a rough 48 hours after admission. He was in so much pain with his stomach hard and blown up like a balloon. He literally did not sleep for 24 hours and it was a tough time trying to consol him. A dye contrast dye study was done on his gut,  to see if there was a blockage or adhesion. Sadly this didnt show much, but it acted as a laxative and 15 mins after it being put in his Jejunum his vowel
Woke up! Over 8 hours he deflstes and his stoma losses were triple what they would be in a 24 hour period.  A sample of the stool was sent to the lab and it came
back having grown a bug - so it seems he had a bacterial infection and antibiotics have been stsrted. Yesterday he mostly dozed on and off and his feeds were slowly started again. He had a really settled night and is now back on to the higher rate of nutrition. It was decided to give him a feed that is easier for his gut to digest, than what he was on prior to admission. So it is a backwards step for sure, but slow and steady for now.

Yesterday his sisters came in and hung out in hospital - with the high possibility Sam will be in for Christmas, Candace set about to create some Christmas joy in Sams room - check out the very cool tree - no chance of needles dropping off this - sh has done so well to create this out of hospital issue incontinence sheets etc!

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