Thursday, February 16, 2017

IPhone post - FTS (Fat Thumb Syndrome)

IPhone posts are slow due to severe typos due to fat thumbs, but here goes. I leave the laptop at home for the girls for school work. Speaking of the girls - I am so proud of them staying home all independent (& secretly delighted to be trusted). I am very grateful for tenants downstairs who can keep an eye on them!

I write this from Ward 24b - Surgical Ward at Starship. After various calls and negotiations between teams-hospitals, I was asked to bring Sam to Starship. We arrived st 2.30 yest afternoon. Around 6 pm he had his first dose of an IV antibiotic as well as his daily dose of anti-fungal. By 8 we were on the ward. Thankfully he had a really good sleep - no temps, no waking in pain! His urines are both still very sludgey, but he is well in himself. We await a plan, but due to him not being hooked up to his feeds until 9 (usually is 6 at home), he is bed bound until 11.

So we await a plan - I'm guessing they may want to keep him one more night just to be sure. That  would actually work well for me as I have a 9.30 Starship Clinical Excellence Committee meeting tomorrow, so either way I need to be in SS tomorrow. It would be nice to just get up and roll in from the wsrd ... Im tempted to stay in my PJs ...... hmmmm

Francis popped in last night to see him, so he was very excited to see him. This morning Sam is sitting in his bed playing with cars amd his caravan - no surprise there!

Right, I am off to find real coffee!

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The Dockers said...

You are an incredible woman Shirl, pure gold xx